God fucking damnit if Krazy Horse Bennett doesn’t always make things interesting. Check out the latest news about his in-jail / out-of-jail / on-the-card / off-the-card bullshit:

Charles Bennett is officially off the card. Originally scheduled to face Victor Valenzuela, the 27-year-old was jailed this week in Florida for violating the terms of his probation. EliteXC president Gary Shaw announced that although Bennett had been released from prison, he missed his flight to California and was dropped from the card. California State Athletic Commission chairman Armando Garcia told the media Bennett had been cleared to fight and confirmed he was off the card due to his inability to attend the official weigh-ins.

HE MISSED HIS FLIGHT? HE MISSED HIS GODDAMN FLIGHT? Man, that is balls. But props to EliteXC / Strikeforce for managing to get him sprung from the pen, proving once again that rich white men run the country and always get what they want (except if they want a crazy foo’ to catch a plane). Insert ‘You can lead a Horse to the airport but you can’t make him board’ joke here.