Leading up to the UFC on FX 4, I found myself wondering just what Clay Guida could do to beat Gray Maynard. With the exception of speed and cardio, Maynard is just better all around. Well, like any master tactician, Guida utilized his advantages to their fullest, while avoiding his opponent’s. From a strategic point of view, it was genius. But from a fan’s perspective, it was a piece of shit. The result was 25 minutes of Guida using his superior speed and cardio to completely avoid the fight, and damn near single-handedly killing the five round non-title fight experiment. Speaking on The MMA Hour (transcription via MMAMania) Guida owns up to his bizarre performance, but insists his wasn’t the most atrocious performance of recent memory:

“Logical fans that actually go back and pick that fight apart, and didn’t just judge it by the first time seeing it [agree with me]. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely don’t think it was the most exciting fight that I’ve put on, or that the UFC has had as a main event in a while. But then if you see the fight, I believe, less than a month later, the Renan Barao and Urijah Faber fight … I remember they were actually holding hands three or four times in the fight. I don’t know, don’t quote me but I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about. The big heavyweights that fought that night (Cheick Kongo vs. Shawn Jordan), I think I actually feel asleep at the bar. The Tim Boetsch and Hector Lombard [fight], I think someone had to actually wake me up because I was snoring at the bar. So I wouldn’t say my fight was the most boring. But a logical fan and a logical analyst goes back there and watches the fight, and watches my gameplan and sees the footwork, sees the improvement that we have made … If you look, I outstruck him. I was much faster than him. It felt like I was two or three steps ahead of Gray the whole time. I outwrestled him, I stopped all of his takedowns. I defended submissions, got a little bit of ground and pound, broke his nose, cut his face. I got my hair pulled numerous times. Let’s see, the list goes on. Oh yeah, profanity, words were thrown in my direction along with being flipped off in the cage. So it’s whatever. If people are going to boo me because of that, then so be it. But I know there’s logical fans out there that realize what fight they saw.I’m sure [Maynard] still knows what happened in the cage that evening.”

Practicing his African Ant-Eater ritual in the cage rather than engage Maynard in combat, Guida managed to piss off Gray, the UFC, and the fans. Now we can add to that list every fighter he just shit on trying to justify a bad performance. Keeping this out there like a chili and Natty Ice fart may not be the best move. Sometimes less is more, and just kind of laying low, not speaking, and allowing the putrid stink to subside is a wise plan. Or if those annoying reporters keep at it like they do, just owning up to it, reminding the fans of all his great performances, and going out there next time and putting on a show would have probably be been a better course of action.