Former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell has been in some bloody, knock-down, drag-out battles.

Now, as a member of the UFC’s front office, Liddell has a different vision of the action.

That doesn’t mean he isn’t going to step up and speak his mind when something controversial happens.

Liddell sounded off on Twitter late Saturday night after the finish of UFC 169. Renan Barao retained the UFC bantamweight title with a TKO victory over Urijah Faber.

Faber appeared to be fine to continue, but referee Herb Dean stepped in and waved the action off.

“I’m not saying Barao didn’t have him hurt and probably would have finished him, he is a beast,” Liddell posted. “I’m just saying it’s a title fight and he was recovering and intelligently defending himself in that position and not getting hurt more.”

Liddell also stated that Dean is “one of my favorite refs,” and added that the thumbs-up Faber gave him would only count “if Herb saw it” as far as allowing the action to continue.

When his thoughts were called into question on Twitter, Liddell defended his statements.

“U call that being rained down??” he responded. “I’m not attacking Barao he fought great and the early stop probably didn’t change the outcome. If he gives the thumbs up when asked he is still thinking.”