The UFC has just made a number of fights for UFC 94 and one of them is Jake O’Brien vs Christian Wellisch. There’s really no reason to give the slightest shit about this fight other than the fact that it indicates things are back to ‘normal’ between the UFC and AKA after that whole excommunication business that went down two weeks ago. Well, they’re back to normal enough that the UFC brought back AKA’s Christian Wellisch, who is an unspectacular 2-2 in the octagon.

Our hatred for Jake O’Brien combined with our complete lack of caring for Christian Wellisch makes this fight a serious thumbs down. I don’t know what Jake O’Brien did to deserve yet another shot in the octagon. He is so boring that UFC included him in their attempt to bury Andrei Arlovski on his way out of the company. You might think the UFC is doing the same with Wellisch, but he’s already buried himself so what’s the point?

Fights like this make me sad. These guys should be fighting for a job down at the local titty bar, not on one of the biggest cards of the year.