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Chris Weidman now has his big fight with Anderson Silva signed sealed and delivered for July 6th. But if you think that means he’s done talking about how he’s 110% guaranteed to kick the Spider’s ass, you wuz wrong:

One of the biggest things for me is to prove to all of those people that think I’m going to get killed or just see him as unbeatable, I can’t wait to prove them wrong. I really want to make it look easy out there. I just want to shock the world.

I’m a huge fan of [Anderson Silva]. Since I got into the sport, 3 and a half or four years ago, he was the champion, and I decided to go to 185, and right away I’d tell people I was fighting at 185, and people would be like ‘Is that Anderson Silva’s weight class?’ I’d be like, ‘Yeah,’ and they’re like, ‘Better choose a new weight class buddy.’

That just fueled me, since then till now. Even then I knew I could beat him. I just knew that I was a bad matchup for him. I just knew I had the potential to beat him, and I had that mindset four years ago, and it’s even stronger now.

Note that four years ago, Weidman was kicking off his MMA career. Not to say he isn’t great or a pretty solid stylistic matchup against Silva, but just letting you know that his personal opinion of himself may be slightly inflated past the bounds of reality. Just a tad.

This is all gonnna seem pretty embarrassing when Anderson Silva front kicks him in the face and scrapes him off his heel like a dog turd three minutes into their fight. But I guess there’s nothing wrong with building confidence in yourself before a fight like this. Half the guys who stepped into the cage with Silva probably defeated themselves in their own minds before the opening bell even rung. That certainly doesn’t seem like it will be a problem for Chris Weidman, who has more confidence than someone riding a cocaine dragon across Awesomeland.