Chris Weidman has been a man on a mission ever since he beat the goo out of Mark Munoz last July. That mission: to get a title fight with Anderson Silva. You can definitely make a case for him deserving that shot – he’s 5-0 in the UFC and has the Chael Sonnen wrestling style that Anderson seems to hate, sans the Chael Sonnen choking style that always leads to his defeat. On the other hand, he’s never faced a top 5 opponent and is about as well known as Faure Gnassingbé, the president of Togo.

Regardless (or quite possibly because of this), he will not shut up about a title shot. We got a brief respite from daily ‘Chris Weidman thinks Anderson Silva is afraid of him’ articles when Chris blew his shoulder out training. But his recovery has been faster than expected and he is now gunning for next shot at everyone’s favorite Burger King salesman. He even goes so far as to offer an immediate rematch to Anderson after he kicks the Brazilian’s ass:

“In a perfect world, I’d be back July 4 weekend against Anderson Silva,” Weidman said. “Then I’ll grant him an immediate rematch at Madison Square Garden in New York.”

Mark Munoz should charge depressed people money to hit him in the head, apparently it does wonders for your self confidence. As far as Chris Weidman is concerned, he’s the #1 p4p fighter in the world. It’s just no one else knows it yet. Yet being the key word. After their Cung Le suggestion was laughed out of the building, it seems like even Anderson Silva’s camp is starting to accept that Weidman is probably next:

“They’ll have to spend a lot of money promoting this fight. Anderson has more title defenses than he has fights as a professional,” stated Soares. “Anderson has told me that really wants to fight in Brazil again. Weidman himself once told me that he would be interested in doing the fight there. So I think that’s what should happen.”

Could it be? An Anderson Silva fight that comes together with relative ease? We’ll have to wait and see … there’s still a lot of time for another one of his managers to suggest more ridiculous opponents or for Andy to decide he’d rather go on vacation.