Everyone knows I loves me a good pants poopin story and boy oh boy does Chris Weidman share a good one:

“So I come off shoulder surgery.” Weidman said on The MMA HOUR. “I get announced I’m fighting Anderson Silva. My doctor said ‘You don’t want to train too early yet.’ Even though I’m not supposed to be sparring yet, I started sparring three five-minute rounds and I’m pushing the pace, I’m doing everything I can. One day I come in and my stomach is messed up. I couldn’t get off the toilet before sparring. And I’m like, ‘I’m gonna do my best, but I’m not gonna lie, I might have to run to the bathroom.’ I crap myself in sparring, I go to throw a punch — or a cross — and I crapped myself. Three five-minute rounds full of crap in my pants. I had really tight tights on so it stayed in there like a diaper. I didn’t just crap myself once, every time I exerted any bit of energy I crapped myself.”

Now there’s a guy who takes his training seriously. Still shows up to the gym even with a stomach bug. Still goes the full 15 even with trou full of butt stew. If I ever needed something to prove to me that Chris Weidman is for serious, this is it. Anderson, watch yourself. Because this guy is willing to fight through some epic shit to defeat you.

(hat tip to Jim Genia for supporting my MMA ass gravy obsession)