It’s pretty hard to follow up this whole ‘Rampage hitting cars with a monster truck and being hunted down by gun wielding cops’ thing, so I think I’ll just shift things down to first gear right away with the most boring news on earth: Chris Lytle has a new 4-fight deal with the UFC.

Why, I have no idea. Chris Lytle has lost pretty much every single fight against decent competition since the beginning of time. There are few constants in this world, but this is up there with the northern star for reliability. I don’t want to be harsh or anything, but let’s face it: Lytle is never going to be anything other than a gatekeeper, and not even a gatekeeper to contendership. He’s like the meterstick on an amusement park ride: “You must be at least this good to fight in the UFC.”

Anyways, I guess you need someone to test your UK guys up against. Lytle’s next fight will be at UFC 89 against 2-2 in the UFC Paul Taylor.