There seems to be a pattern to MMA news, especially with the UFC lately. At the beginning of the week, one thing will be announced. Then over the weekend, the original news will be refuted. Then two weeks later it will turn out the first news was right. And then I cut my arms with a shard of glass because it helps me forget the pain I feel from reporting SHIT THAT NEVER HAPPENS DAY IN AND DAY OUT.

Last week the word was Mike Swick would be facing Chris Leben, which is actually a pretty sweet matchup, especially for a UFC Fight Night. Combine that match with the Fisher-Thomas bout and that card was looking like a very nice birthday present for me (my birthday is Sept 14th, mark your calendar and be prepared to buy me shit or the website goes down). However, now Swick is saying Chris Leben has pussed out of the fight. Unofficial word from the Leben camp is he is still setting his shit up in Hawaii and just can’t take the fight now. No word yet on if this is really the case or Leben just stealing a page from Wanderlei Silva’s excuse book. Personally, I always go with the “My dog ate my training camp” one.