Not that it matters all that much, but France has just upheld it’s ban against mixed martial arts. This despite some serious lobbying efforts from the UFC to open the country up. What’s worse is it sounds like France is getting the same brand of Culinary Union bullshit as some New York Politicians:

The stance was welcomed by Carole Bretteville, the president of the Women’s Committee for Federation Francaise du Sport d’Entreprise.

“France works very hard to promote equality in all aspects of life, especially in sports,” she said. “I was appalled to find out how UFC was lobbying in France, especially when [told] how UFC has tolerated derogatory statements and attitudes against women. We cannot allow such an organisation to destroy all the work we have done to promote equality through French sports.”

Shit like that just makes me want to stick a pencil up my nose and slam my face against my desk. I don’t see many other sports where men and women regularly compete on the same cards. Or where women are featured in the biggest league in the sport. Have a couple of dumbasses said dumbass things about women in the past? Sure. Welcome to reality, where you can’t control what over 2000 past and present athletes say or do. But after tennis, I’d say MMA is probably one of the most gender equal sports out there.