Rumors continue to swirl surrounding Anderson Silva’s loss to Chris Weidman – some people just can’t seem to accept the idea that if you drop your hands and stick your chin out at a world class fighter, you might actually get knocked out. But where is a conspiracy theorist supposed to hang his tinfoil hat now that the suspicious 1 million dollar bet story has been debunked? Well, here’s a tale coming directly out of Brazil:

Rumor: Anderson Silva SOLD the UFC belt. The fighter’s staff was advised, at 1:00pm on July 6 (Fight Day), at a meeting involving Dana White, Pedro Rizzo and Mr. Lorenzo Fertitta. At first they were very upset, and Anderson refused to sell the belt.

The acceptance came through the full payment of premiums, US$70K for each member of staff, plus a bonus of U.S$400K for the whole team, a total of US$23 million by Nike. Still, Anderson refused to participate.

Their situation was only resolved after the representative of Nike threatening to withdraw its lifelong sponsorship of the fighter, valued at more than US$90 million throughout his career. Thus, it was agreed that Anderson would be defeated by points, but the apathy that befell the fighter made Chris Weidman, who absolutely did not participate in this negotiation, TKO Anderson.

Dana White applauded the team collaboration of Silva, since the change of belt has brought balance to the category.”

So just to re-explain without the Englisch: UFC brass told Silva he’d be losing on the day of the fight and paid him and his team a large sum of money to do it. Initially Silva didn’t want to, but Nike for some reason threatened to cancel Andy’s sponsorship if he didn’t go along with the plan because something something Illuminati? CHECKMATE!

Note to teenage retard fanboys and those with similar mentalities: the UFC is real, whereas the WWE, with it’s upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per-view on Sunday, is fake.