If you thought Anderson Silva’s Nike and Burger King sponsorships were cool, check out this latest offer he’s gotten:

According to SporTV in his native Brazil, Silva was offered $600,000 a website aimed at “sexually insatiable couples” who wished to engage with third parties for the purposes of having even more sex.

The deal was to be over five years and would require Silva to exhibit the brand on his fight shorts plus a promotional baseball cap for the walk-in and post-fight interview.

The report claimed there would be a bonus of $30,000 for each successful fight.

However Anderson denied the report, which came from a very reputable sports source, saying “Folks, I didn’t get any proposal from a website at all as it was reported on the media.

“Even if I had received it, I wouldn’t accept this sort of deal,”

Sounds like a publicity stunt from a sleazy / smart company. While sponsoring Anderson Silva would have cost this cheating website between five and seven figures, saying you want to sponsor him and letting the press do the rest is free, gloriously free! It’s kinda like how Larry Flynt keeps coming out with million dollar offers to people like Casey Anthony. They aren’t serious offers, they’re just publicity bait.

But because we love publicity bait, I don’t see any problem rewarding the perpetrators of this with some love. The company promoting affairs for married people is The Ohhtel – they should build that sex / hotel pun into the site framework. Not only can you find some dishonest cheater to bang, but you can book the nasty hotel you’re going to fuck in at the same time! I wonder if that’s how Hotline started out. The name makes much more sense that way.