[youtube M63_xmKTzIc]

Kazushi Sakuraba is a legendary figure in the MMA scene, and to me he’s always been a bit of a mysterious figure. That’s probably because most of the stuff about him is only available in Japanese. So it doesn’t surprise me when Scramble Clothing says the video above is one of the only translated long form video interviews with the fighter.

The thing is 20 minutes long, which might seem lengthy in the age of 30 second cat videos. But I know tons of you watch 45 minutes worth of Dana White media scrums on a weekly basis, so why not devote half of that to some Sakuraba goodness? He talks about how he got into fighting, his attitude towards losing, his training regiment, and those fights against some punks called the Gracies.

It’s all part of an upcoming Scramble X Sakuraba clothing line, which I’m sure will be just as sick as the rest of Scramble’s stuff.