I’m a pretty big Charlize Theron fan. I went and saw Snow White and the Huntsman yesterday, mainly because Charlize looked like she spent a large amount of time naked in milkbaths. Bath content was decent, the rest rather ho-hum. Now I must wait until this weekend for Prometheus, which I am seeing because hey … Charlize Theron’s ass in a skintight space suit. And I bet the accompanying space suit camel toe will look fantastic up there on the IMAX screen.

Long story short: huge wet boner and all that filth for Charlize Theron. So imagine my excitement when I saw that she was at UFC 146! Surely it must just be some lame promotional thing like when all those FX show stars get trotted out on The Ultimate Fighter. But no! Here she is on Conan O’Brien letting the world know what an avid fan of MMA she is. This really is too much. Ever since she played that mentally retarded girl on Arrested Development, I thought we were meant to be together. This may be the clincher. Pretty sure I’ll have to start physically stalking her now.