MMA Junkie talked to NSAC head Keith Kizer about that sit-down he had with the UFC and Chael Sonnen over the possibility of relicensing and a TUF coach gig. It’s confirmed: Kizer wants Sonnen to fess up about his lies!

“His point was, ‘Well, you and I have never talked before right now, but I don’t think I lied,'” Kizer said.

“Then he gave some very strange story and claimed, ‘My manager and you talked about therapeutic exemptions, and therefore, I just used the wrong word. I should have said ‘my’ instead of ‘I.’ As in ‘my manager’ instead of ‘I.’

“I was very straight with him, saying, ‘That’s a ridiculous explanation.'”

Kizer then explained that if Sonnen wanted a second’s license, he would be required to answer questions about his statements to the CSAC in a formal NSAC hearing. He also would likely need to answer questions about his pending sentencing on a federal charge of money laundering and his criticism of referee Josh Rosenthal following his fight with Paulo Filho at WEC 31. (Sonnen claimed he didn’t submit to Filho in the second round of the fight.)

“You want to criticize a referee and say, ‘I don’t think he did a very good job,’ that’s one thing,” Kizer said. “But to out and out lie about what happened in the match is a different thing. So I think that will get brought up as well because I’d bring it up.”

Oh. God. Yes. Not only does it sound like they’re going to dredge up Sonnen’s alleged testosterone deficiency for another look, but they’re finally taking him to task for fake tapping. Considering he’s done it at least twice (remember how he started to pretend he didn’t tap against Anderson Silva too?), this is sweet, sweet justice sauce ejaculated all over the face of douchebaggery. Dana wasn’t joking when he said Chael’s got some issues to work out.

Lest you think this leaves the UFC in a jam with no interesting counter-coach to Michael Bisping, check out what Mayhem Miller just tweeted:

@DanaWhite Chael can’t make it to the party? I’d happily be the American Hero. Put me on TUF, watch the ratings explode.