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While the UFC has officially announced Silva vs Sonnen 2, Chael sonnen would like you to know he hasn’t actually signed his contract yet:

“My demand has not been met,” said Sonnen to MMAFighting, adding he’d signed nothing and would let the world know his terms in the immediate future.

Who knows if this is referring to his challenge at UFC 136 where he laid down the gauntlet and said “If I beat you, you leave the Middleweight division. If you beat me, I’ll leave the UFC forever” or something else. Maybe he’s cooked up some fresh pro wrestling angle he’s trying to weave into the fight. Winner gets his steak cooked by Anderson’s wife however he likes it. Loser has to stick his face in Roy Nelson’s sweaty gunt. Stuff like that.

Barring Chael not signing his contract (yeah, sure), you should now be prepared for three months of what I’m sure will be non-stop sh*t talking. Let’s get it started with the above video:

Anderson said I need to stop talking and start training and my response simply would be: why? Why is it that I would do that? And by the way, Anderson, if I want you opinion I will beat it out of you. Don’t walk around handing out free advice, why don’t you grab a sharpie and draw Steve Segal’s widow peak on him. His hairline is about as authentic as his fighting abilities.

So, you go sing to your hamburgers and dance on stage with Justin Bieber and I’ll handle the heavy work in this company live I have done for the past 5 years in your absence. You don’t matter, Anderson, and when you talk to me and talk down on me – don’t talk down on me, don’t talk to me like you’re my equal cause you’re not, I stomped you before and I’ll stomp you again. You are a nuisance to me and to everybody else, you ducked me for 6 years, then you ducked me for 2 years after that.

There’s nothing I can do more than pick a fight. You put every stipulation you could on this thing that you could think of and I answered them all, including coming to Brazil like that’s some kind of a big deal. What’s the difference? It’s a plane ride somewhere. I’m not fighting you in Brazil, I’m not fighting you in Chicago, I’m not fighting you in Florida; I’m fighting you in the octagon and you when you get there and I get in there, I’m going to stomp you this time the same as I did last time.

You can complain about your rib, I’m sure your rib did hurt, your rib is inside of a coward, that’s the problem your rib’s got. It’s got the same problem your hands and feet have, they’re attached to you dummy. I’m going to be attached to you to for 25 minutes or until you give up.