So you’ve got two choices: you can get excited that Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen is still happening in Vegas, or you can wallow in sadness because another UFC mega-thingy just got less mega. I haven’t decided which I’m gonna choose (i <3 wallowing) but the new poster for UFC 148 certainly pushes me more towards the excitement side of things. Plus, it sounds like there’s a very good chance that Chael Sonnen is going to be licensed by the NSAC!

You may remember that Chael has spent the last six months fighting in regions with sketchy commissions. Better that than heading back to California or Nevada, where the lies he told during his 2010 steroid suspension hearing still had some people mad. So what’s the status of that? Here’s NSAC head Keith Kizer talking to Sherdog:

Chael is now being quite clear with people that he and I never talked. He’s making that quite clear, and that any comments made before that we had talked were untrue. Dana White even came to me and said, “Keith, I know he lied about you. He lied about me. He lied about Marc Ratner. He lied about [UFC doctor] Jeff Davidson; but that’s who he is.” I said, “Well, that’s not good enough for me, you know, Dana. So, well, Dana, I appreciate that, but that’s not good enough for me.” Those guys want to deal with it, it’s fine, but I’m in my position; we have to deal with these fighters and we have to trust what they tell us, especially on health and safety stuff. So, you know, the good news is, yeah, he’s done his time, he’s made quite clear that any misinterpretation of his words that he and I had spoken is incorrect. And I appreciate that.

It’s not quite 100% smooth lube entry though. Via USA Today:

“Last time, I would not issue (Sonnen) an administrative license, so that forced him if he wanted to to go to a hearing,” he said. “He chose not to do that – probably the wise move.”

“This time, I don’t see a problem giving it to him administratively, but that would be the chairman’s call. If he says, ‘Keith, you’re free to do so,’ I will do so. If he says, ‘Keith, I want him on a commission meeting,’ he’ll be on a commission meeting.”

Don’t forget that Chael will also need to jump through some hoops to get a Testosterone Replacement Therapy exemption. You know, so he can keep injecting synthetic testosterone leading up to his middleweight title fight.