Oh how the times have changed. Not so long ago, you couldn’t even hypothesize that Lance Armstrong’s testicle loss was a result of steroid use without so much blowback you had to pretend you never said it. That’s what happened back in September of 2010 with Chael Sonnen, and now that Lance has gone on Oprah and admitted he used an A to Z of performance enhancing substances to dominate the cycling world throughout his career, Chael would like to say ‘Neener neener, I was totally right!’

It is an interesting time for steroids in sports. Everyone knew that performance enhancing drugs are endemic in cycling, but somehow believed that Lance Armstrong was some magical exception, even with his miraculous records. People having their heads in the sand isn’t just a cycling thing. We’re coming up on a UFC event where the worst kept secret in the world is that one of the headliners is injecting testosterone. Chael himself is coaching a TUF team and then hopping the line to take on UFC champ Jon Jones, and he was the first guy to really get ‘caught’ using testosterone replacement therapy. We know they’re cheating, but it’s okay because they got a doctor to sign off on it?

They are allowed to continue their careers and receive our praise. While Lance Armstrong gets crucified because he competes for a living in a sport where everyone at the top dopes. Man, the world has a confused relationship with athletes and steroids. The NFL is obviously overflowing with guys who are being scientifically grown via less than moral methods, and we pretend it isn’t so. But let’s take this cyclist that’s raised over a quarter billion dollars to help cancer patients and damn him to a special circle of hell for doing what everyone else is doing.

(pic via Mark Rebilis – US Presswire)