From the strange but true dept. – Chael Sonnen bought a pizza place:

Previously known as ‘Pizza Schmizza’, the premises had closed down in January due to poor trade. But with one half of its new ownership being – according to himself – the baddest man on the planet, West Linn’s pizza punters are sure to fall into line.

“I came up here the day after it was closed and I saw the “For Lease” sign. I made contact with the leasing agent and he and I had a great conversation over the phone,” Lee Gamble, co-owner of Mean Street Pizza’, told the local newspaper.

“He liked the motivation and direction I was going in, so all that was left to do was for me to get my ducks in a row… Chael and I are equal partners. I basically brought the idea to him and he funded it. We have been good friends for a couple years now.”

“I was in Chicago for a fight and I got a call. I’ve always liked the place and didn’t want to see it close. It will be the same concept with an addition of a few menu items and video games,” said Sonnen, who was also responsible for the name – Gamble was going to call it the decidedly un-gangster ‘Slices’.