I don’t typically agree with what Chael Sonnen says (unless it has to do with those scum Brazilians), but his little post-fight diss towards Jon Jones for whistling and looking the other way whenever Anderson Silva is mentioned was spot on:

If you’re going to go fight a guy, go fight a guy. It drives me crazy. People are out talking about Anderson (Silva) and Jon (Jones), these guys should be calling Dana (White) right now begging to fight each other, but it’s not going to go that way. You got these two guys and they’re great, but they’re a couple of chickens. They should be calling each other out. They should be grabbing the microphone and say, ‘I want to fight that guy, I don’t want the debate.’ But it won’t happen that way. Dana’s going to have to call these guys and then they’re going to have to dangle a carrot then they’ll have to negotiate. We’re in the fight business. If you don’t want to fight, don’t raise your hand.

Anderson did apparently call Dana White following Jones’ win over Sonnen, for reasons El Baldo Presidente wouldn’t disclose. But why else would he call in right after that fight other than to say “It’s time”? But will Jon Jones agree? He seems happy to continue defeating retreads and undercooked contenders right now. I’m sure the fight will happen, but all signs point towards it being later rather than sooner. I’m one or two more elusive quotes away from being willing to bet my nutskin it isn’t gonna happen in November.

(pic by Joe Camporeale for USA TODAY)