A lot of Brazilians accused Vinny Magalhaes of being a national Judas by training Chael Sonnen in the art of jiu jitsu leading up to this rematch with Anderson Silva. Vinny told those haters to f*ck right off unless they were willing to pay him the same amount as Chael to sit at home and not work. Which was apparently a nice, fat stack of cash:

“I don’t want to talk about amounts, because my management was the one dealing with the whole money situation. But he did pay more than my management asked. We asked for a certain amount, and he came up with much more. We asked for an amount for two weeks of training, and he came up with an amount which would’ve entitled him to four weeks of training. So how can I not respect the guy? He paid me double. On Chael’s check … you know how they have a line for what the check is for? He wrote ‘Defeat Silva.’ So I kept a copy, because I thought that was pretty funny.”