Money’s had his own run of bad gypsy luck trying to find his next opponent for UFC on Fox 7, but hey, didn’t mass market cinema recently teach us that there’s a silver lining in everything?  Mendes is coming off two wins and was set to fight Manny Gamburyan at 157, but Manny injured himself (no surprise there) and Mendes was moved to the Fox card against Clay Guida.  But Guida, who’s been a little bit delusional of late (so thank god for those facebook friends, right?) injured himself during training camp and Mendes found himself opponent-less yet again.

But good news all around because Darren Elkins has selflessly stepped up to meet Mendes on April 20th for a crazy good free card (it’s gratis… save your PPV dollars for the weed!).  Where did we last see Elkins?  Oh, right.  Giving Antonio Carvalho a ride down Queer Street:

The stoppage was controversial – his first in three years – but he’s got five straight wins, momentum, and this will be the third straight short notice fight for Mendes.  Elkins said he wanted a chance at a top ranked feather and here he is in the right place at the right time.  Just remember, it could have looked like this: