Does this look like the face of a guy who likes fighting?

With some rather serious charges possibly awaiting him in connection to a bar fight in Hanford, California, UFC featherweight Chad Mendes issued a statement to MMAFighting through his manager and lawyer, Jeff Meyer:

“On Friday afternoon, Chad Mendes was shocked and surprised by the allegations contained in an article published on an Internet news site. While Chad acknowledges that an incident occurred last Saturday in Hanford, he contends that the majority of the facts pertaining to him in the story are absolutely false.

Attempts were immediately made by Chad’s representatives to contact personnel at the Sheriff’s Department on Friday afternoon. Despite these repeated attempts, Chad’s representatives have not received any response from the Sheriff’s Department at the time of this release.

Chad denies any wrongdoing and is very upset by the allegations contained in the story. He will fully cooperate with the Sheriff’s Department and looks forward to clearing his name.”

Booyah! There you go, Mr. Bigtime Sheriff. The dude didn’t do anything, you heard him.