Looks like I was totally 100% mega wrong when I said Carlos Condit was smart for sitting UFC 137 out and waiting for Georges St Pierre. Nick Diaz punched BJ Penn in the face a thousand times and without an equally impressive Carlos Condit asswhuppin, the Diaz hype train pulled so far ahead that it made this all but inevitable:

According to White, St-Pierre approached him backstage and said he felt disrespected by Diaz. In White’s words, the normally composed GSP “flipped out.” He wanted Diaz, and soon. So White audibled, contacting Carlos Condit and asking him to step aside.

Condit, stuck in a terrible situation, agreed, and White had his matchup.

Poor Carlos Condit. I feel really bad for him. Not that I would have kept him on deck for GSP. Fuck that. But I’ll take a few seconds and feel bad for a guy who now owns the title of Most Jerked Around Dude in the history of the UFC. Okay, now that that’s out of the way, we can move on to being excited about Georges vs Diaz!