While Steven Soderbergh was recorded recently saying Haywire did ‘terrible’ at the box office, it still made more over it’s first weekend than projected and another 7 million since then. We haven’t heard anything from Gina now that the release date has passed (I expect another disappearance for at least 6 months), but here’s some more movie rumors:

Carano also added that she is hoping to land a role in the third “Expendables” film, which is a safe bet to say that there will be a threequel. She noted that she was in talks with Stallone to be in the upcoming sequel, but they needed an Asian girl specifically for the female role in this film.

THAT’S RACIST! First they come for our crappy manufacturing jobs and now they’re taking acting jobs away from white women with big boobs? Unacceptable. Someone needs to let Chuck Norris know about this travesty. He’s already fixed the Expendables 2 so it’s Jesus-approved PG-13, so I’m sure keeping roles Amurican is something he’d be down with as well.