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So much for visions of GSP disappearing to Hollywood for the summer and busting a nut in Scarlett Johanssen. According to Georges, the Captain America 2 peeps only need him for a week:

I had the opportunity to play a role in a move, Captain America 2, that’s why i let my hair grow. It took me a month to have this, I’m not a hairy guy It’s a lot of work. And I ‘ve never been that long by the way before in my life. They ask me let my hair grow i’m going to play a villain against the Captain America people and it’s going to be fun.

Los Angeles, yes. The movie I don’t know. I know my scenes I’m gonna be there like a week so my first experience, it’s going to be fun and I’m excited. This is for fun, it’s an experience. I’m going to see if I like it or not. This is not my field of expertise so even if I make some mistakes it’s not so bad if I’m fighting which is my field of experience. People will be more forgiving in this than in the fighting.

I’ll fight. Don’t worry, I’m going nowhere. You have to take the opportunities when it’s there. I’m sure if Johny Hendricks was in my place he’d do the same. The smarter thing to do is to do it. Take the ride when it’s there and enjoy it. I’m already training already. I’m training all the time. When I hear him say “When he’s doing the movie, I’m going to be training.” Well, some news for him: I’m already training now. I trained two or three days after the fight. Training.

That’s our consummate professional Georges. This video was done as part of his book promotion tour (yep, he wrote one too), so it just goes to show that GSP doesn’t rest when there’s business to be taken care of. I’m sure Johny Hendricks is relieved. Now all he has to worry about is Anderson Silva snatching his spot out from under him.