So poor George Roop hasn’t been in the cage since January of 2012 when cuddly Cubby Swanson knocked him out.  And we all know that when you’re alone and licking your wounds, your thoughts inevitably turn to the tumultuous state of the featherweight division.  Well, a lot’s happened since Roop last fought at 145, and none of it very bodes very well for his future there.  So what’s a guy to do when his division suddenly becomes overrun with lightweights?  Well if you’re George Roop, you shed an extra 10 pounds off your 6’1” frame and wade into the tepid waters of the bantamweight division, cause there ain’t nowhere to go but down:

I’m going to say something very cliché, but this has been absolutely the easiest weight cut of my life.  Right now I’m sitting at 144 pounds. I’m eating seven times a day. My energy level is excellent. I’m feeling great.

…The biggest weight I’ve ever seen on a scale is 165. I’ve never seen more than that on a scale. My bones are probably lighter, and I’m already pretty scrawny.

Mmmhmm.  This actually isn’t the first time Roop (who is 12-9-1, ouch) dropped down to 135.  He fought Eddie Wineland to a decision loss there and bounced back up to 145 for two wins.  And to be fair, Roop’s record should come with an asterisk and gif of that head kick that put the Korean Zombie to sleep.  So he’s had some high highs and some low lows, but I can’t help but think that even a win over Reuben Duran (8-4-1) at UFC 158 might still put him on Dana’s chopping block.  So here’s a fun mental image… Roop is three inches taller than Mark Hunt and will tip the scales at just about half of what Mark Hunt did last week.  Enjoy the weigh-ins!

“Lookin fine.  Definitely the best cut EVAR.”