Okay, I get it. You saw the Jon Jones-Alexander Gustafsson fight at UFC 165 last Saturday, and you heard Joe Rogan and Goldy talking about how Gustafsson might have just taken the belt off the champ. Then, he didn’t, and you were outraged, because things are always supposed to go how you (vicariously through Joe Rogan) saw them. Heck, you might have even remembered last week’s indisputably bad Mayweather-Alvarez scorecard and resulting dick tuck by judge C.J. Ross and opined from your barstool or armchair that something has to change, because this is just getting silly. You probably thought that Gustafsson not being the champ was the greatest injustice since last week.

Well, it turns out that you were wrong, lemming of Rogan… Jones actually did deserve to win. MMAMania copied and pasted the FightMetric results from the fight, and not only does FightMetric have Jones prevailing, the two fighters’ total performance ratings (55-43) and effectiveness scores (355-303) aren’t even that close. The fighters weren’t too far apart in any striking or grappling category except for leg kicks, which Jones dominated 53-15. Because so many of those leg kicks were potentially career-ending kneecap destroyers, those assholish strikes deserve especially favorable consideration while crunching the numbers.

True combat sports fans need to learn to see the difference between good and bad decisions before athletic commissions can be held to higher standards of judging. Your uproar over accurate decisions could be used as evidence to support do-nothing bureaucrats like Keith Kizer in insisting that nothing be done. Please turn your speakers off, remove your head from your ass, and only protest decisions that are really, really bad. Thank you and have a nice week, Dick.