While everyone seems to be happy that Armando Garcia is gone, we all recognize the fact that he was meerly the turd on top of the shit sundae that was the CSAC. In order for things to really change, new head / temp head Bill Douglas would have to start making big changes. Well, it looks like he’s started already:

Fighters competing on last Friday’s Strikeforce “Destruction” event in San Jose, Calif. at the HP Pavilion were not subjected to drug screening of any kind, according to a report by MMA Weekly’s “Insider Blog.”

The report indicates that new California State Athletic Commission Assistant Executive Director Bill Douglas canceled drug testing for the event due to his decision to completely revamp the state’s drug screening process.

Douglas revealed to the site that the CSAC is working to finish the new drug screening program and that testing could resume in the state as early as next week.

It’s a bit strange that they stopped testing while setting up a new system … that’s kinda like pulling the parachutes out of a plane because you’ve got new ones coming next week. But I suppose if there are serious issues with the way things are being done (“Everyone pee in the bucket and we’ll sort it out later”), then I’ll give the CSAC a mulligan on testing last weekend in hopes that a fresh system is a good one. May I recommend stealing the procedure book from the NSAC?