(Mr and Mrs Velasquez love playing the circle game … she sets it up and he punches you in the face. Remember, it’s two for flinching)

Out of all the MMA related events that went on this weekend, the one I wish I had gotten to go to was Cain Velasquez’s wedding. It had better fighters than UFC 130, better weather that I got all weekend, and what looked like a pretty sweet selection of food and booze. After the jump: more pictures from Cain’s wedding, plus possibly inappropriate commentary.

(pics via MicroTechCEO and Heidi Seibert)

Putting your fist through Brock Lesnar’s face affords you a pretty damn nice wedding, I must say.

The couple’s adorable out of wedlock daughter. Cain’s mamá refers to her as the “niña del diablo del pecado”

Josh Koscheck has the technology to pull in the fights during the reception. Here he is pitching the idea for a television tie.

Mrs Jon Fitch (to the left) and sexy MMA publicist Heidi Seibert to the right. One gives you hope that even a dude no one likes can score a hot chick, and the other reminds you that cougars are only getting hotter with every generation.

Cain Velasquez performing the first slow jam dance grind of the evening.