It was a typical weekend for Nick Diaz as he fought at UFC 158 on Saturday, admitted to never paying taxes at the post-fight press conference that same night and then appeared to be detained by local authorities on Sunday night. Diaz tweeted a picture (above) with the caption “F*ck they got us,” but then immediately took it off his Twitter account – learning that public confessions or incriminating Twitter pictures make keeping a lawyer on retaining that much harder.

All and all a standard weekend for the enigmatic UFC superstar, but one has to wonder what caused this recent run in with the “Po-Po?” According to TMZ the driver was pulled over for going the wrong way down a one way street, but things escalated from there.

“Sgt. David Moranz from the Citrus Heights PD tells TMZ the driver of the car was arrested on an outstanding warrant and another passenger in the car was arrested for possession of concentrated cannabis … but Diaz “was never arrested and was released without incidents from the scene.”

I’m assuming this incident will be a part of another Diaz rant detailing how us ‘regular folk’ don’t get how hard it is to be a charter member of Stockton, California. A place where going the wrong way down a one way street can land you’re friends in handcuffs and leave you standing on the side of the road selling wolf tickets for a ride home. Damn, fighting ain’t easy but it’s necessary.

However if that doesn’t work then I’m sure Diaz will give a final plea for all of us to “not be scared, homie.”