Bryan Caraway continues to take the brunt of the anger for the UFC’s decision to strip Pat Healy of over a hundred grand in bonuses. First it was just for his poorly received ‘Drugs are bad mmkay’ response when given Pat’s Submission of the Night money, and now I’m sure he’s also getting blamed for Nate Diaz being suspended too. But just to give you a little insight into where Bryan was coming from when he said those mean things about pot:

In general, there’s nothing wrong with saying you don’t like weed. But maybe consider your timing a little, huh guy? Right after the UFC just took $135,000 away from a Strikeforce Rocky and gave half of it to you isn’t the time to go “GOD BLESS THE BACKWARDS DRUG RULES IN THIS SPORT!” That’s what people are mostly pissed off about. I’m sure there’ll be a lot of responsible pot smokers who will now be offended that Bryan credits weed with sending his sister down the path to drug addiction too, but I’ll take it as the clarifying explanation it is.

(pic by Brad Penner for USA Today)