You may have thought it was impossible to be given 65,000 dollars and still have a bad week, but Bryan Caraway has proven it is possible. His decision to tack a ‘Weed is evil, sucks to be you’ speech onto the news that he was being given Pat Healy’s Submission of the Night bonus money kicked off a storm of controversy. Nate Diaz called Bryan a bundle of branches bound together and got suspended 90 days, and then some other people jumped in with their own ‘Bryan Caraway is that word people in Northern California use instead of bitch’ stories. First, Cat Zingano:

“We’re backstage and all the fighters are there. We’re kinda tight on space because we were basically in the back where some magician does his shows,” explained Josh Ford. “There are like two rows of chairs lined up and then a table where everyone is filling out their medicals. Cat and I are sitting in the front row and a couple guys from Gabriel Gonzaga’s camp are on the other side of us. We’re talking and I’m looking straight at Cat when I see this body coming down the row behind her. I didn’t notice it was Caraway but there’s plenty of room to walk by. As he gets closer to our chairs he flares his elbow out and pops Cat right in the back of the head. The first thing on my mind was, ‘that guy just elbowed her in the head!’ As I’m turning around to see who it was Cat says the same thing. I turn my head to look and it’s Caraway! And then one of the other fighters, might have been Uriah Hall, sitting there says, ‘Hey! I think that guy just elbowed you in the head!’”

And then Bellator fighter Michelle Ould:


Caraway denied both stories and at this point has stopped really trying to defend those anti-weed statements:

“It was a poor choice of words I got ahead of myself,” Caraway said. “I meant you have no tolerance for people who smoke weed knowing its illegal or banned and get in trouble for it. I have plenty of friends who smoke and they are great people. I personally just choose not to use it. Pat Healy is actually my bro and I felt bad because I didn’t mean it that way. Sometimes I’m a knuckle head.”

Boom, there’s that moment of clarity we were all waiting for. Thanks for apologizing, Bryan. Until the next time you’re a knuckle head, peace out.

(pic by Brad Penner for USA Today)