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I think we need to create a new combat sports film sub-genre – films featuring handicapped – er, handicapable – protagonists. Of course, there’s the high class docu-drama Hamill on the high end of the spectrum. Then there’s that low budget autistic MMA fighter flick. Now we’ve got a cheapo exploitation film featuring … what do you call a flipper baby when they grow up? Flipper Man? Whatever, it can’t be more offensive than the name of the movie this guy is in: Kung Fu Flid

Jimmy Loveit, born with shortened arms due to thalidomide, is a talented kick boxer despite his handicap. Ably coached by Ron, Jimmy is a formidable opponent for anyone in the ring. One night, whilst snuggling up with his wife and daughter, their apartment is attacked by two gangsters who’ve mistaken their flat for someone else’s. With his wife injured and his daughter missing, Jimmy starts a one-man war against the crime boss who sent the hit men.

And yes, they actually say the star is ‘Bruce Lee with Flippers’ in the preview. Why not ‘Schwarzenegger with Stumps’, ‘Jean Claude Sans Hands’, or ‘A Limbless Lundgren’?