Felice Herrig vs. Carla Esparza
Esparza by Unanimous Decision – XFC 15

God bless Felice Herrig.  She does her best to make you want to watch her fights, even if you don’t like WMMA in general.  And for those of us that do dig WMMA, there’s more on display than just Herrig’s delicious pantsu.  Originally a muay thai fighter, she’s really stepped up her ground game, constantly looking to escape, and using her natural flexibility to threaten submissions and create scrambles.  

Unfortunately for her, Esparza’s wrestling game is still light years ahead of hers.  Carla was able to take her down repeatedly with ease, and use her ground and pound to put some serious swellage on Herrig’s head.  It was an undeniably dominant victory for Esparza, but Herrig was also impressive in defeat.  She took an absolute beating but never wilted, and showed craftiness on the ground against a top 10 flyweight fighter in Esparza, who has only lost to Fujii and Aguilar, the very best of her division.

GNP-Hematoma | Flexible | Hot Armbar | Hot GNP | Semi Crucifix & GNP
 Hot Inv. Tri/Head Scissors | Esparza TD’s


Masaaki Noiri vs. Koya Urabe
Noiri by KO (Flying Knee), Round 1
Noiri wins the Under 22 Supernova Tournament – KRUSH 14

After beating HIROYA in semis by unanimous decision, the 18 year old phenom notches his second Youth tournament win, knocking the holy fuckballs out of the incredibly tough Urabe with a flying knee.  Noiri also won the K-1 Koshien (High School) tourney back at Dynamite!! 2009.  This kid is one of my favorite fighters to watch and he continues to improve despite a recent BRUTAL KO loss to Yuji Takeuchi back in April 2011 at a KRUSH event.  Less than a minute before the knockout, we almost had one of those exceedingly rare double KO’s, as Noiri and Takeuchi put each other on the canvas with simultaneous left hooks.  

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XFC 15

Corey Hill vs. Charlie Rader
Hill by Submission (Brabo Choke) at 3:58 of Rd. 1


Marlon Moraes vs. Chris Manuel
Moraes by Unanimous Decision


Ryan Thomas vs. John Kolosci
Thomas by Submission (Reverse Triangle) at 4:46 of Rd. 1


Nick Newell vs. Denis Hernandez
Newell by Submission (Heel Hook) at 1:11 of Rd. 1

The One Arm Manny getting it done.  He looks good, and is undefeated in 6 fights (all finishes) but all of the competition he’s faced have losing records, some embarrassingly so. 

Opening Salvo


Jonatas Novaes vs. Eric Reynolds
Reynolds by Unanimous Decision

As expected of Novaes, the first round was full of some pretty sweet grappling exchanges, but he quickly ran out of gas, and Reynolds dominated for the rest of the fight.  Novaes wanted nothing to do with anything on the feet which led to some of the most cringe-inducing back-flopping and scooting since Silva-Leites.  If you threw a feint at him, Novaes would fall on his ass and hope you followed him down.  

Not that it should have even gotten that far.  I’m fairly certain that Reynolds tapped to an armbar in the first round, but it was quick and the ref was out of position.  Or maybe not.  What do you think?  On the ‘stupid enforcement of stupid rules’ front, Reynolds got warned for 12-6 elbows… for bowing Novaes’ leg.  From a half-mounted, seated position.



Hayato Hatakeyama vs. Hideaki Yamazaki
-63kg Match
Yamazaki by KO, Round 1


Noman vs. Hiroki Fujisaka
-63kg Match


Ryoji Imai vs. Namito Izami
-55kg Match
Izami by Unanimous Decision


Shota Takiya vs. Damien Trainor
55kg Match
Takiya by KO, Round 3

Complete ass kicking.  Push kick porno.  Takiya is a little monster.  Check him knocking out Ryuya Kusakabe with a front kick at KRUSH back in April.

Barrage | Push Kick to Face | Push kick and attack | Attack and Push Kick Knockdown
Knee KO 


Yuta Kubo vs. Tristan Benard
64kg Match
Kubo by KO, :52 of Round 3

 Kubo body attack | Finish

Kubo is a certified bad muhfucker.   Winning is pretty much all this guy does lately.  His only loss in his last 14 fights came at the hands of massive underdog Tetsuya Yamato in the finals of the K-1 2010 -63kg Tournament.  He’s a thoroughbred with some of the heaviest kicks you’ll see on a guy his size, usually finishing off or dominating his opponents in clearcut decisions.   

What I realllly like about him are his kicks.  He throws them faster and harder than anyone his size that I can think of.   More specifically, his mastery of the Brazilian / Question Mark / Snap-Wheel / Sankaku geri / Kubi geri / Mach geri / Tate geri / Wutevauwannacallit Kick (as seen above). Here are some examples of Kubo using the Brazilian kick –

vs. Yoshimichi Matsumoto
vs. Dj Taiki
vs. Tetsuya Yamato
vs. Nils Widlund




Koya Urabe vs. Yukimitsu Takahashi
Supernova Youth Tournament Semifinal #1
Urabe by Decision


Ikki vs. Yosuke Mizuochi
63kg Match
Mizuochi by Decision


Ryuji Kajiwara vs. Tetsuya Yamato
63kg Championship Match
Kajiwara by Decision

Yamato was the 2010 K-1 World MAX -63 kg Tournament champion (which was an epic tourney that you should check out if you haven’t seen it).  He lost in the semifinals of the 2011 -63kg tournament to Koya Urabe and has been hit and miss ever since.  Here, the crafty veteran Kajiwara defends his belt successfully in a real dogfight, and nearly finishes Yamato in the closing moments of the final round.