I’m not going to break down every cool move from every fight.  Other people already do that with an OCD-like fervor that I couldn’t hope to match.  I’ll just gif up some of my favorite moments from UFC 134.


Silva vs. Okami

Ring around the Rosie w/ Andy.

Silva clearly in fear of Okami’s aggression.


More giffiness after the jump!


Do those count those as attempted strikes?  If so Andy just fucked his accuracy percentage.



_Actual Badassery_

Head Kick | Silva Knockdown | Silva Knockdown 2 | Silva greasing up




Nogueira vs. Schaub

Junior is fuckin ecstatic…  Not gonna lie, I jumped up outta my seat and started screaming when Nog KO’d Schaub.

KO slo | Schaub attacking knee



Erick Silva vs. Luis Ramos


Knockdown slo



Paulo Thiago vs. David Mitchell

Takedown porn.  Those trips are noice.



Shogun vs. Griffin

This guy’s got a future in the NBA.


Nice Exchange | The Finish



Cane vs. Nedkov

Cane’s got a bit of Liddell-itis.

Bunny Hop | Nedkov Flag Hankie



Barboza vs. Pearson

This fight was hard to call.  I think Barboza landed the harder, more damaging shots, but Shorty landed more, and dictated the pace.

That hook is nastyyy.  Pit Boss has a chin!



Palhares vs. Miller

He’s a grabby little monkey ain’t he?

and a pokey one.

and that hit was later than your (female family member)’s period after something something. 


Miller Knockdown | Paul TD | Paul TD | Monchhichi Slams



Yves Jabouin vs. Ian Loveland


Nice reversals

Back kick to the nards.


and the hats thieves!  This was going to be the centerpiece but Ryan beat me to it.  Now it’s relegated to a hyperlink 🙁