Justin Lawrence taking out “The” James Krause.  This was a bit of a shocker.  Lawrence had 3 pro fights to his name, while Krause is a WEC/Bellator/TitanFC veteran with 19 fights under his belt.  I guess they weren’t joking about Lawrence training with Anderson Silva, because he is listed as being associated with that nebulous group known as Black House.  He may lack experience, but he’s got killer instinct, and a flashy karate-based style that makes me look forward to seeing him fight again.


Sam Sicilia finishing Erin Beach in what was totally not an early stoppage.


~Highlights from all the other fights (except for 2) after the jump!~


Chris Tickle destroying Austin Lyons with a quickness.


Daron Cruickshank showing some flash en route to a unanimous decision victory over Drew Dober.


Joe Proctor chokes out Jordan Rinaldi.


Cristiano Marcello finishes Jared Carlsten.


Andy Ogle gets a nice trip takedown, and Brandon Weafer locks on the world’s loosest triangle since Cerrone/Henderson I.  He holds it for nearly 4 minutes, and when he finally lets it go, the ref stands them up almost immediately, even though he’s working to sink it back in again.  Once back on their feet, Ogle clamps down on his own submission, a much tighter looking guillotine, and rides out the rest of the round.  Ogle by unanimous decision.


Vinc Pichel cutting open Cody Pfister with some nasty elbows, and then choking him out.  Prior to that there was an interesting scramble involving duelling omoplatas



John Cofer slamming Mark Glover (who is lucky he didn’t break his arm considering the way he posted to break his fall). The 2nd gif is interesting because Cofer uses his right arm behind Glover’s back to secure Glover’s right wrist.  An Aoki-like move that you don’t see too often.  Later in the fight, Glover uses his knee to break Cofer’s wrist control, which I though was pretty kewl.  Cofer wins with a unanimous decision.



Chris Saunders defeats Chase Hackett by unanimous decision.


Michael Chiesa easily dispatches Johnavan (yes Johnavan) Visante.



Mike Rio (mini-Arlovski) gets lit up on the feet by Ali Maclean (mini-Tito with strabismus) but finishes the brit quickly once it hits the canvas.  Go figure.  Maclean has 5 losses, all by…  take a guess. 



Jeff Smith with an awesome reversal and backtake, and then later with a toehold-turned-kneebar attempt in which Jeff Larsen appeared to have maybe sorta tapped.  Smith blew all his gas on those sub attempts and Larsen dominated the rest of the fight which was enough for him to take the judges’ scorecards unanimously.


John Tuck with an incredible transition from armbar to calf slicer position to backtake.  That sh*t was smooth.  Unfortunately all his momentum was killed when Al Iaquinta stepped on his foot and broke his toe.  He never really recovered, and Iaquinta went on to win a close round.


*Not featured because nothing worth noting happened…

James Vick vs. Dakota Cochrane – Vick defeats Cochrane by decision in a round that was surely a draw since nothing really happened except wrestling for position. If I had to pick one  or the other, I’d give it to Cochrane based on the last second takedown he was finally able to land, and the fact that he dicktated where the fight took place for the most part.  Should have gone to another round.

Myles Jury vs. Akbarh Arreola – Jury positionally dominated the wrest-less Arreola to a decision.

Some other info from the show –

Fans vote on best Fight/Submission/Knockout of the season, with the respective winners getting $25,000.  Not bad.  Any fight that ends by KO, sub, or ref stoppage nets a $5000 bonus for the winner.  Oh, and the winner of the entire show (and their coach) will win a schway Frank Mir Signature Edition Harley Davidson Deathchopper. That seems like a good idea.  Nothing could go wrong there.