In a previous installment I subjected you to some of the nastiest leg injuries in MMA, so this time around the wince-fest is more arm-centric.



Keith Wisniewski x Shinya Aoki – Shooto at Korakuen Hall
-broken arm-

Aoki is to arms what Imanari is to legs.  If I had to fight either one of them, I’d probably be able to bend pennies with my sphincter.



Razak Al-Hassan x Steve Cantwell – UFC Fight Night 16
-dislocated elbow-

We all remember the first “Fight For the Troops”.  Al-Hassan’s elbow snap, Corey Hill’s leg break, Ben Saunders kneeing Brandon Wolff into oblivion, Yoshida’s scary KO at the hands of Koscheck, Swick’s inevitable thrashing of poor Jonathan Goulet… It was probably the most brutal card we’re likely to see. 


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Shungo Oyama x Ryan Gracie – PRIDE 22
-broken arm-

The late Gracie bad boy avenging Renzo’s loss at PRIDE 21 by breaking Mr. Oyama’s arm.


Tim Sylvia x Frank Mir – UFC 48
-broken arm-

The pop heard round the world, Tim Sylvia’s forearm break is probably the most famous of all MMA injuries.  Who can forget Herb Dean’s “OH SHIT! STOP STOP STOP STOP!  The fight is over!  It’s fuckin broken!”, Rogan’s appropriate histrionics, or Timmay’s insistence that he was OK and his anger at the fight being stopped.


Mizuto Hirota x Shinya Aoki – Dynamite!! 2009
-broken arm-

An awesome performance by Aoki, marred by his completely classless antics afterward.  I remember how utterly indignant Mr. Fightlinker was at Aoki, and even moreso at the Japanese fans that voted him the MVP of the event.  That’s some seriously sandy vagina.  I also remember how hyped everyone was when Gilbert Melendez was announced as Aoki’s next opponent.  We knew that Shinya was going to get the ass kicking he so richly deserved.


Renzo Gracie x Kazushi Sakuraba – PRIDE 10
-elbow dislocation-

Two things.  1) OUCH! and 2) Saku is legend.

Two more angles – 1, 2




—–The Takedowns (or “How not to land properly”)—–


-broken arm-

Don’t know who these guys are, but that is nasty.  At the end when the guy is sitting up with his arm flopping in the air reminded me of David Cross in the Titanica sketch from Mr. Show.



Mauricio “Shogun” Rua x  Mark Coleman – Pride 31
-broken arm-

Can it be called a freak injury if we see it happen half a dozen times?  Horrible thing to happen, but at least we got that Chute Boxe mini-riot and that AWESOME eventual rematch out of it, amirite.


Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos x  Siyar Bahadurzada – Sengoku 5
-broken arm-


Taiei Kin x Zelg Galesic – Dream 4
-elbow injury-

Officially listed as “elbow injury”, I don’t think that quite covers it.


Sean Loeffler x Paul Karsky – TFA 12
-broken arm-

Watching that make me want to scream like Charlie Brown when he misses the football.


Jeremy Bullock x Travis Fulton – Extreme Challenge 22
-broken back-

It’s easy (very easy) to laugh at Bullock’s ridiculous facial expressions, but I’m sure we’d look pretty similar after having our back broken by a slam.  Not to mention that this was Bullock’s first (and only) fight, and it was Fulton’s… like 65th or something, and that Fulton outweighed him by a good 30 lbs…  poor guy.  Look at the height on this shit!


Kazushi Sakuraba x Wanderlei Silva – Pride 17
-broken collarbone-

Saku should have his own post.


Kit Cope x Rob McCullough – WEC 25
-broken rib-

Not only did Cope pop a rib, he was popped for steroids.

Manny Gamburyan x Nate Diaz – TUF 5 Finale
-dislocated shoulder-

Was this the beginning of Manny’s shoulder problems, or was it pre-existing?

Igor Zinoviev x Frank Shamrock – UFC 16
-broken collarbone-

Shamrock ended the career of the promising Zinoviev with that clavicle-shattering slam.



—Just for the fuck of it (or “because there aren’t enough to warrant another post”)—


Kazushi Sakuraba x Marius Zaromskis – Dynamite!! 2010
-Saku’s dagum ear got torn off-

Please Saku, hang it up.  You’re my favorite fighter of all time, and I don’t want to see you getting smashed anymore.  You’ve been held together by sports tape and budo for the better part of a decade.  Now that body parts are actually falling off, it must be time to call it quits.  Instead of immediately going to the hospital to repair that horrible disfigurement, he stuck around long enough to address the crowd, apologetic about his ear coming off.  I <3 U Sakuraba.


Yuki Nakai x Gerard Gordeau – Vale Tudo Japan 1995
-Nakai was blinded in one eye-

Gerard Gordeau is a SON OF A BITCH.  6’5″, 230 lb. Gordeau had to resort to eye-gouging 5’7″, 155 lb. Yuki?!  I wish Hell existed just so he could burn there for eternity.  Scum of the earth.  He even bit Royce Gracie’s ear during their UFC 1 match.  Nakai went on to finish Gordeau by heel hook, then fight twice more that night, beating 250 lb. Craig Pittman by armbar, and finally losing in the tournament final to Rickson Gracie by RNC.  Due to the injury he had to retire from fighting, but found a new passion in BJJ, and became the first Japanese (in Japan) to attain a black belt.  Check out the Rickson Gracie documentary “Choke” which chronicles that Vale Tudo tournament, and features some backstage footage of Nakai.

A lot more about the affable Nakai in this documenterview by Fightlinker compatriot, The Grappling Dummy. (MixedMartialFarts)


Cal Worsham x Zane Frazier – UFC 9
-broken  TORSO-

That Frazier knee looked super painful, but it wasn’t enough to stop Worsham, who went on to make Zane submit from an onslaught of headbutts.  After the fight, Worsham collapsed backstage and was rushed to the hospital where it was learned that he suffered broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and a damaged heart.  Worsham spent a week in the hospital, hovering between life and death.