MFC 28: Supremacy


Drew Fickett vs. Matt Veach


Richie Whitson vs. Curtis Demarce

KD | Brawl | Brawl | Brawl | Head Kick


more mayhem after the jump! 


Thomas Denny vs. Sheldon Westcott

Guillotine | Guillotine 2 | Newlywed Slam | Head Toss | Flop


Dwayne Lewis after doctor stoppage loss to Ryan Jimmo

(in a much more craptastic fight than the damage suggests)


Tachi Palace Fights 8: All Or Nothing

Fabricio Camoes vs. Steve Lopez



Tyler Freeland vs. Diego Melendez

Lil GnP | Lil Crucifix | Lil Garcia | Big Heart | Lil Steamroller | Lil Front Choke


Ulysses Gomez vs. Darrell Montague


Jussier da Silva vs. Ian McCall

Elbow Reverse | Siddown | H-Hook Escape


David Loiseau vs. Leopoldo Serao

Scramble | Body Knees



Paul Daley vs. Yuya Shirai

Slo-mo | Jab KD

all other fights from BAMMA were complete garbage.