Taylor Stratford vs Amanda Bell
-Ultimate Reno Combat 23-
Stratford by TKO, Rd 4

You may remember Taylor Stratford as one of the girls that Ronda Rousey blew through on her way to the pros, but she has rebounded nicely since that loss.  This was the first of two 145 lb amateur titles that Taylor would win in a span of eight days.

Armbar Att 1 | Armbar Att 2 | Combo
Lateral Drop | Armbar Att 3 | Finish



TUFF-N-UFF: The Future Stars of Mixed Martial Arts

Matt Church vs Trace Gray
Church by KO, :022 of Rd 1


Taylor Stratford vs Ashlee Evans Smith
Stratford by Sub, Rd 2

Stratford wins her 2nd title.

Throwin Leather


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Jodie Esquibel vs Brittany Horton 
-Jackson’s MMA Series IV-
Esquibel by TKO, Rd 1

This was the pro debut for both fighters, but it was Esquibel’s first MMA fight altogether since her pro boxing experience excluded her from being able to compete as an amateur.  As if she wasn’t already cool enough, turns out she’s a firefighter in New Mexico, as well as a licensed paramedic.



Ring of Combat 35

Evan Chmielski vs Ryan Vaccaro
Chmielski by TKO, Rd 2


Uriah Hall vs Aung La Nsang 
Hall by KO, Rd 3



Showdown Fights – Shootout

Justin Buchholz vs Steve Sharp
Buchholz by Sub, Rd 1

What makes Buchholz’s celebratory ninja moves so awesome is that Sharp had his boys enter the cage in ninja outfits and make a big scene before the fight.

Combo to Back


Cody Ziemer vs. Dan Gardner
Ziemer by TKO 4:09 Rd 1

Gardner is a tough wrestler, but sometimes you need more than a good slam.


Tim McKenzie vs. Jordan Smith
McKenzie by TKO, Rd 1



Ring of Fire 40

Michelle Blalock vs. Casey Noland
Blalock by TKO, Rd 2



Cezar Ferreira vs Chaun Sims    
Ferreira by KO, Rd 1




Jimmy Ambriz vs Michael Buchkovich
-Art of Fighting 12-
Buchkovich by TKO, Rd 2

Knee to the solar plexus may not look like much, but it hurts like a motherfucker.