Zingano suplexes Barb Honchak at Fight to Win: Phenoms

On Saturday, April 13th, Cat “Alpha” Zingano takes on Miesha “Cupcake” Tate at The Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale in what will be the second-ever women’s match in the UFC.  The winner will get the coveted coaching spot opposite Ronda Rousey on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter . If you don’t know about Cat… well you should, and this Browser Crasher will show you why.


If you’re going to see one Zingano fight, make it her 2010 war with Barb Honchak. The whole fight is one long highlight of grappling awesomeness. Zingano uses her Muay Thai to set up her powerful wrestling game, and her wrestling to enhance her striking to great effect. Once she closes the distance and clinches up, her opponent is going down hard. On the ground she’s excellent at advancing/securing position, and is a super-aggressive submission hunter.



Rolling scrambles | Armbar attempt | Back take | Head kick | Armbar attempt | Awesome sweep



Zingano hits a variety of takedowns on Raquel Pennington at Invicta FC 3


Zingano strikes Pennington

Zingano takes down Angela Samaro and finishes her with an Anaconda choke at Ring of Fire 33


Slam KO of Takayo Hashi at Fight to Win: Outlaws


Zingano strikes

– one more for hell of it –

Cat ensuring that she makes weight by cutting out all the extraneous accoutrements.