Patricky ‘Pitbull’ Freire vs. Lloyd ‘Cupcake’ Woodard
-Lightweight Tournament Quarterfinal
Woodard via Submission (Kimura), 1:46 of Rd 2  

Woodard is the first man to finish Pitbull.  Fractured his arm.


What a fight.  What an upset.  I doubt that most thought it would be an easy fight, but Patricky was surely expected to pull out the win.  Cupcake doesn’t care about your expectations.  He fought fearlessly, and was constantly on the attack, pressuring Pitbull, and drawing him into the clinch and close quarter brawls.  It was Woodard’s clinch knees that ultimately turned the tide, as he rocked a visibly slowing Pitbull on two occasions. 

Exchange-Takedown-Scramble | Off-Balance Knockdown & Slam |  Clinch Knees
Pitbull Reversal & Takedown | Pitbull TD-Mount, Woodard Reversal | Pitbull Rocks Lloyd
Woodard Knee & TD Reversal | Finish | Finish alt angle | Lloyd mugging 

Patricky accidentally punching his brother Patricio while warming up


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Rick Hawn vs. Ricardo Tirloni
-Lightweight Tournament Quarterfinal-
Hawn via KO, 2:36 of Rd 1  

Olympic Judoka Rick Hawn fought in Bellator’s Season 4 Welterweight Tournament, defeating Jim Wallhead and Lyman Good before losing a controversial split decision to Jay Hieron in the finals.  Now having made the move down to Lightweight, Hawn is considered a favorite to win  this tournament.  His obviously-improved striking, and quick destruction of the much-hyped Tirloni reinforces that Hawn has the potential to be a major force in whatever division he competes in.  For a couple of years anyway.  Until his body falls apart.

 The Punch


Brent Weedman vs. J.J. Ambrose
-Lightweight Tournament Quarterfinal- 
Weedman via Submission (Von Flue Choke), 3:26 of Rd 2

Weedman is another class-dropper and veteran of the Season 4 Welterweight Tourney.  He upset Dan Hornbuckle in the QF’s, and lost a controversial decision to Jay Hieron in the semis.  Losing bullsh*t decisions to Hieron seems to be a recurring theme in Bellator.  Weedman also competed in the Season 5 tournament, but legitimately lost by decision to Chris Lozano in the quarterfinals.

Von Flue choke FTW.

Sweet kimura sweep by Ambrose, and nasty upkick from Weedman that knocks out JJ’s mouthpiece.

Knockdown | Kimura Sweep & Upkick | Guard Pass to Crucifix | Von Flue Choke Finish



Rene Nazare vs. Thiago Michel
-Lightweight Tournament Quarterfinal- 
Michel via Split Decision

Michel comes from kickboxing, but he’s developed pretty good takedown defense, and used it to great effect against Nazare, totally picking him apart on the feet.  On the ground, which is Nazare’s game, Michel was able to stifle most of Nazare’s offense with kung fu grip wrist control.  Impressive North American debut from Thiago Michel in what should have been a unanimous decision victory.

Michel Counter & Kick | Flashy Exchange | Michel Attack | Bendo Kick | Ass Whipping



-Undercard Bouts-

Rad Martinez vs. Doug Frey
Martinez via TKO, 4:08 of Rd 1


Luis Vega vs. Sonny Luque
Vega via Submission (Arm Triangle), 3:43 of Rd 1

Nasty Ground and Pound


Sean Spencer vs. Joseph Daily
Spencer via Submission (RNC), 1:24 of Rd 2


Chris Jones vs. Steven Peterson
Jones via Split Decision

Dude’s cup popped ot his shorts! Bet the ref was glad he was wearing gloves.

This was a decent scrap between two guys who were completely evenly matched.  I couldn’t decide who won the fight, and I can’t decide who has the worst tattoo either.  *Upon further review, they used the wrong fighter image in the graphic.  The real Chris Jones’ tattoos are marginally less abhorrent than the flaming Superman chest abomination that Peterson is sporting.  And this is coming from a dude that also has a ginormous, ridiculous chest tattoo.

Both guys landing | Exchange and Takedown