Leading up to his fight against Brock Lesnar, there had been rumors that Alistair Overeem had basically been booted out of XTreme Couture. Ol’ Dicksword apparently didn’t like the idea of Randy showing Alistair any tricks (this despite the fact that Randy was in Europe filming The Expendables 2). Different stories came out, denials were made, but of course in the end which version ended up being true? The one where Lesnar is a big jerk:

“There were some issues with Alistair training at Xtreme Couture because Randy, after he fought Brock, trained with him and signed a disclosure with them,” Martinez revealed. “So even though Randy isn’t at the gym, Brock’s people made it an issue so Overeem ended up not finishing his training here.”

Not that it was a gigantic mystery as to how to defeat Brock. By the end there he was starting to look like one of those SNES platformer bosses – so long as you know his tricks you can just stay in one place firing your metal blade weapon until he goes down. Yes, I have been playing Mega Man 3 non-stop lately. I find it has much wisdom to teach us about this crazy topsy turvy existence. When life gives you Leaf Man’s weapon, do the Air world. I think that’s some advice we can all apply.