There seems to be some sort of octagon girl armistice going on right now with the UFC. First I get news from Natasha Wicks’ facebook fan page that she’ll be hosting a tailgate game show with Rachelle Leah on Saturd. Now I see this:

“Should we bring back @BrittneyPalmer ? Vote now and let me know!!!!” wrote the UFC boss on his official Twitter account.

It didn’t take long for White to return with the results, revealing that Palmer would soon be an Octagon girl once again thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response from his Twitter followers.

“Done!!!! The votes have been counted and @BrittneyPalmer is back!” he posted.

Poor jackals. I know what you’re thinking. What about Logan? Look, Logan was too good for us. She was always more fall fashion line for Guess jeans than giant placards at a Vegas fight, and we knew it. Fly free and high, Logan Stanton. Fly free and high………