Military man Brian Stann says he’s done going into detail about his days as a combat marine:

“I don’t have to go through those memories of my life with other people,” Stann told ( “Those are my private memories. I did it once. It’s out there. I hope that it was for the better of the sport. I hope it was for the better of the men and women who served, and let it be that.”

“I never really wanted to talk about it,” Stann said. “Back in my WEC days, I was forced to do it. But I was always able to tap-dance around the answers, be very vague, bestow credit upon my Marines and not really get into specifics.”

That level of detail wasn’t going to fly for “UFC Ultimate Insider.” Members of Stann’s platoon were contacted, including one who had been severely wounded during the ambush. Videos were unearthed, and a blow-by-blow account of the battle was the focus of the piece.

“The director really pushed it to a whole new level,” Stann said. “And digging through what they dug through … it was tough. I thought I was just going to be vague and tap-dance around it. I wasn’t prepared for those two days mentally. It was difficult.”

I can see how that stuff can be a bit much. “So Brian, can you take a few seconds and really think about how close you all came to dying? Try to focus on your family crying over a flag draped coffin and tell me how you feel.”

Of course, just because Stann would rather not talk about all that death and carnage he went through doesn’t mean the press will stop constantly asking him about it. Brian, if your statement doesn’t do the trick of stymieing the tide of military questions, may I recommend clutching your head and screaming “THE MEMORIES! THEY BURN!!!”