Remember when Brian Stann was just considered an undeserving relic of the WEC’s tepid 205 pound division, kept around just because of his totally awesome war hero story? Now he’s 5-2 in the UFC, on a three fight win streak, and in a fight for a shot at the UFC middleweight belt. Sure, the shot is probably only being offered up because his fight with Chael Sonnen is all a big setup to get Chael back in the cage with Anderson Silva, but whatever. I’m really digging Stann now that he’s worked his way up to being a solid middleweight fighter. I hope he effs up the UFC’s plans, even if it does kinda screw up their plan to sell out a stadium in Brazil next year as well.

Above: the latest creative video the UFC has made for UFC 136. If that fly loves whatever’s going on with Brian’s face, it would LOVE Chael Sonnen. Every time that guy opens his mouth, shit comes out. After the jump: a pretty awesome breakdown of Stann’s training preparations from Heavy.com.