Brian Bowles is fighting Urijah Faber this weekend at UFC 139, and it’s an excellent chance for Bowles to erase some negative comparisons made in the past. Brian is one of those guys who’s hands pulp like wet papier-mâché, and in his title fight against Dominick Cruz he quit on the stool due to a broken hand. Some dick sites (ie us) compared him toUrijah Faber, who fought through twice as many broken hands as Bowles. By my estimates, that makes Urijah 7 howler monkies more man than Brian. Here’s BB talking to MMA Mania about how that line of thinking made him feel:

Brian Hemminger ( You’re scheduled to fight Urijah Faber on Saturday night. Is there any kind of resentment at all because of his five round fight with Mike Brown where he broke both hands and kept fighting? That actually caused some fans to question your toughness after the Cruz fight which was pretty unfair. Is that something you think about at all, like this is an opportunity to redeem yourself?

Brian Bowles: Well, there was more to that fight than just a broken hand. I went into the fight with a pretty bad rib injury and I probably shouldn’t have been fighting. When I went out there, my gameplan was to kinda try and keep it standing and within 15 seconds I broke my hand. I couldn’t grapple, I wasn’t in shape because I couldn’t train right, I couldn’t clinch because of my ribs would keep popping so I was kinda screwed. I was left out there, I couldn’t punch and all I had left was a little jab. I couldn’t wrestle, couldn’t punch with my right hand so basically I was just stuck out there with nothing but a jab and just getting beat on for no reason. So no, not really. I have no resentment towards Faber for anything.

In reality land, that’s a perfectly reasonable answer. Fuck, just having the broken hand is reasonable enough. But in this world of armbars and triangles and Jesus never tapping, there’s a pretty high ratio of bones and extremities mangled to functioning that needs to be passed in order to bow out without shame. Hey, don’t blame me for this. Blame Urijah Faber. He’s the one who raised the manliness bar to insane heights.

(pic via MMA Weekly)