It sounds like the UFC is scrapping all that Sambadrome talk … and going straight for the soccer stadiums in Brazil. Along with an ALL-BRAZILIAN version of TUF (imagine the man drama! The chest thumping!)

TATAME learned today that UFC plans an edition of the reality show The Ultimate Fighter in the city of São Paulo. And Fertitta, on an interview with TATAME, had confirmed their truth intentions.

“We’re working on that, we’re really close to get something done,” he told TATAME in August. “We think it’s gonna be very successful – a Brazilian Ultimate Fighter, all Brazilian fighters. One thing that is great about this country is that you have so many great fighters, finding talents is easy. There are some many good kids”.

TATAME also learned that UFC’s future show in Sao Paulo could be at Cicero Pompeu de Toledo stadium, also known as Morumbi, home of Sao Paulo soccer team. In soccer matches, Morumbi has capacity to harbor 70 thousand fans, but the number would be larger with chairs close to the octagon.

But is this just more talk from a company that’s been promising us international versions of TUF for the past five years? There’s also talk about the Philippines still getting their TUF first, so who knows how legit comments like this are? Maybe it’s just pandering like when the UFC says they’re ‘totally coming back to Denver soon!’ Yeah, sure. Maybe in 2016 once the ice caps have melted and half the United States is under water.