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We’ve seen fighters run out of the cage both when they’ve lost (Forrest Griffin) and won (Jose Aldo, Fo-Griff again), but either way, they usually at least wait until the fight’s over before taking off.  But in Brazil last weekend, Claudinei “Kall” Angelo (now 4-5) decided “fuck this, I’m outta here” right in the middle of his bout with Evilasio “Puma” Silva (now 8-12) at JF Fight Evolution.  MMAFighting gives us some context:

Angelo was controlling the action when Angelo’s mouthpiece fell on the mat. Flavio Almendra stopped the bout and asked Angelo to get back his mouthpiece. It happened again, and Almendra stopped the bout once again.

When Angelo clearly spat his mouthpiece to recover from the punches, the referee refused to stop the fight. Angelo went on and asked for a “time out”. Silva and Almendra didn’t understood what he was asking for, but Angelo decided to quit. The door was locked, so his only way out was jumping off the fence and leaving the arena.

I was going to say that Angelo can now add “DQ (Rage Quit)” to his increasingly poor record, but I think it was less about anger than about him simply losing all will to fight.  Regardless, this ranks right up there with such noble defeats as Nick Serra’s “DQ (Wouldn’t Get Up From Butt Scoot)”, Mestre Hulk’s “DQ (Crawling out of the Ring)”, and Joe Son’s “Submission (Terror)”.  Stand proud, Angelo!