People around the world are waking up to the fact that their governments are rife with corruption, and with that awareness comes anger and action. In Brazil the people are marching in the hundreds of thousands, demanding an end to the kind of politics that only seems to have billions to spend when it’s for shit like soccer stadiums and politician wages.

MMA fighters from the region (who often come from the poorest of the poor backgrounds) are with the people and speaking to raise awareness of the situation. Here’s a couple of highlights from Sherdog’s wrap-up:

Demian Maia
“In the first place, I think it’s great that the gatherings have occurred. Brazilians are finally learning to assert their rights. Only with public pressure can we change our society. From now on, I believe we need to start focusing on deeper targets. For example: questioning the perks of politicians — early retirement, more vacations than the rest of the population, money for clothes… As for the spending on the World Cup, a great protest would be to not even go to watch the games.

“On the other hand, unfortunately, I’m realizing that some people do not have any understanding about what a democracy is. I saw people asking for the impeachment of democratically elected politicians. That’s a coup! Just because I disagree with some political positions doesn’t mean I want them expelled. In the next election, take voting more seriously, try to influence people, make demonstrations. This is part of the democratic game.

Wanderlei Silva (via Twitter)
“I would like to understand why so many public people are omitting themselves and even are quoting on their social networks to support the protests, to our awakening? It’s our time to say: enough!! Ask for a stance from those who you follow on social networks and let’s make every one of them show which side they are!! We must use what we have, give support to those who are fighting for better. If you don’t go to the front line of the battle, at least encourages anyone who will.”

Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva (via Twitter)
“I totally agree with peaceful demonstration, but I’m not against the ‘police,’ because a criminal that makes trouble has to go to jail. I am appalled by the looting and vandalism. Yes to protest, NO to vandalism.”

It’s good to hear these guys speaking out against violence and vandalism, but let’s not pretend like these are as widespread as anti-protest media would have you believe. Most of the violence is being kicked off by police forces, who seem to be trying to create an atmosphere of out of control anarchy to discredit the protests as riots. Everyone involved should refrain from violence and vandalism and work to stop others who engage in these. But we can’t allow the government to turn this from a story about how shitty they are into how shitty some protestors are.